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The 12th annual USA-1 Nostalgia Drag Fest was held November 14th at Bruce Larson’s Stoney Creek Barn in Dauphin, PA. A unique presentation was made during the awards ceremony. Master Craftsman, Stanley Shopple unveiled his latest "work of art" before four hundred dragstalgia fans. Stan mentioned that the person receiving this stained glass masterpiece would be the most surprised in the building. "Mashie" Mihalko, a regular contributor to East Coast Drag News and the on line magazine was taking photos of the 2009 " Hard Core Enthusiast Inductees prior to the unveiling. People near "Mashie" watched his complexion change colors when he saw his name in stained glass.

Prior attendees of this nostalgia gathering are familiar with the two renderings of Bruce Larson’s ’68 Camaro and ‘ 89 Oldsmobile funny cars done by Stanley Shopple. They are prominently displayed and back lighted in Larson’s "Museum". In the past, Shopple made pieces for legendary drivers, however, this creation was for a photographer and life long drag racing fan. " Mashie" considers this recent acquisition his "Wally".

Photos by Bill" USA-1" Zinkhan

I've known Michael"Mashie"Mihalko for a number of years, having worked with him at numerous drag racing events in the past and present. Besides being an excellent photographer, Mashie is truly one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet. He's also extremely intelligent, spiritual, and dedicated to his family, community, and to the people he works with in the drag racing circles. Here at East Coast Drag News, we're proud to count him as one of the best. Congrats Mashie!

Stephen Jones
East Coast Drag News
Web Editor