27th Annual Coming Out Car & Bike Show
Charlotte Hall, MD
April 6, 2014

The 27th Annual Coming Out Car show was held this past Sunday in Charlotte Hall, MD and it was a huge success! There were 640 vehicles registered for this event and it looked like every one of them showed up. Though there is no official record at the time this was written, officials told me this morning that there were more than 6,000 in attendance throughout the day. I can attest to this as a vendor, I was swamped all day, or at least until things started winding down around 3:00pm.


Sponsored by the Southern Knights Rod & Custom Car Club, this annual Spring event brings out all the hot rods and car fans that have just survived one of the worst Winters this writer can remember.

With the baseball season underway and most of the local race tracks opening for the season, we can forget the long, harsh winter and get back to the warm weather activities.

Southern Maryland is know for it's rural area's and a fondness for cool cars, hot rods, and drag racing with both MIR and Capitol Raceway nearby. In fact, Maryland International Raceway (MIR) is only about 8 miles or so from the location of this car show and they were having their Spring swap meet and test 'n tune on this same day. From what I heard from a lot of the attendees is that they were going from here to their (MIR) or the other way around. 

I arrived at around 7 in the morning and waited to get assigned my spot...and it was COLD!! This didn't take long as I got a primo spot right next to the spectator entrance gate. As I mentioned, it was COLD even though the sun was starting to come up. I started setting up my tables, but had to duck back in the truck a few times to warm my hands up. Finished up getting the tables laid out and my die-cast and posters set up around 9 or so as the cars started poring in and filling up their slots. It was warming up a bit by then and getting much more tolerable.

By around 10, the crowds started and didn't let up for the rest of the day. My vendor spot was the 1st thing people saw when they came in the gate and were very interested in what I had for sale. I managed to get these few shots in before I get busy.

From about 10 through closing time around 3 or so, I was non stop  and didn't even get the chance to eat anything or visit the head!

Not complaining though as I made a lot of great sales and have managed to whittle down all the cars in my collection that were taking up so much room in my apartment. Came with 10 boxes, left with 3! Didn't sell everything, but still had a good day.

The only thing I was NOT happy about was not having anyone with me that could have helped me set up and tear down AND could have allowed me to photograph all the terrific cars, vendors, and people. Nobody was available. Maybe next year!!

I was pretty worn out and a bit sore from the sunburn, but was happy the way things turned out.

Thanks to the Southern Knights Car Club for organizing this car show today and for the last 27 years AND especially to Bill Bushey for answering my phone calls and arrangeing my vendor spot AND thanks to all the cars and all those who attended the event. It should also be know that all proceeds go to charity.

Already looking forward to the 28th Annual Coming Out Car & Bike Show in 2015!!

Stephen Jones